Axial Jeep Wrangler Wraith-Poison 1:10 4WD ARTR

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Axial Jeep Wrangler Wraith-Poison 1:10 4WD ARTR

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 Axial Jeep Wrangler Wraith-Poison ARTR is the culmination of efforts between three well-known brands: Axial, Jeep, and Poison Spyder.

Ultra4 Racing combines the best features of off-road racing, including the speed of action on the sandy area and climbing the rocks. Jeep Wrangler Axial Wraith is dedicated to fans of similar attractions because it offers some of the same spectacular skills.

Axial Wraith is the scale of 1:10 is a model with 4WD. The chassis is equipped with a 4-joint system, which optimizes the use of torque and prevents the suspension from slipping on large slopes.


  • Rims 2.2 Raceline Renegade
  • Tires 2.2 Ripsaw
  • Ideal reproduction with the car copy 1:1
  • Security cage 
  • 4-Link suspension
  • Optimized geometry
  • Waterproof receiver case
  • Anti-skid clutch
  • Easy access to differentials
  • The frame made from fully composite pipes
  • Realistic sits Corbeau LG1 Licensed
  • Gearbox cover
  • Easy accessible ON/OFF switch
  • High-quality oil-spring shock absorbers

The axles in this car have many solutions that are not found in other models available on the market.

The differential has been made with very high accuracy, thanks to the use of sintered metal with elevated metallurgical properties. The design is both simple and reliable, but also perfectly balanced.
Drive shafts have been specially hardened to extend their service life.

Axial Wraith oil dampers have springs that help ensure maximum off-road performance. They also allow their regulation, among others softness or stroke of shock absorbers to individual user’s needs

In addition, the sliding plate placed under the drive system protects it during trips over sharp rocks and allows the car to “slip” and prevents its suspension.

The transmission has been designed to place the engine as low as possible to move the center of gravity close to the surface. The range of gear ratios can be adjusted from 15: 1 to 74: 1, thanks to the use of different gears without compromising performance.

In our Rock Racer, professional 2.2 Raceline Renegade wheels are used. Made of high-quality nylon, which increases their durability. In addition, they have a solid mounting on 12mm screws and chrome frames that catch the eye.

In turn, Ripsaw 2.2 tires with an aggressive tread pattern are formed from a high-quality compound with very good adhesion.

The protective cover of the transmission keeps dust, dirt and other contaminants away from the sprockets. This makes the drive system run quietly, smoothly and reliably.
The watertight receiver box ensures safe operation of the electricals even in the most difficult conditions. The slip clutch enables more efficient engine operation and significantly increases the durability of the drive system, preventing the engine from blocking.

NOTICE: The presented model is in the ARTR version – redy to run but lacking the battery and the charger which you must purchase on your own. The AA batteries are also not included in the set. All of the accessories you could purchase in our store.
Dane techniczne

  • Akumulator: nie dotyczy
  • Długość : 482 mm
  • Szerokość : 280 mm
  • Wysokość: 237 mm
  • Wiek: 14+
  • Wersja: ARTR
  • Skala: 1:10
  • Silnik: elektryczny szczotkowy
  • Radio: 2.4GHz
  • Podwozie: Truggy
  • Napęd: 4WD
  • Materiał wykonania: Tworzywo sztuczne

  • Wheel track: 353mm
  • Width: 280mm
  • Height: 237mm
  • Weight: 2.48kg
  • Clearance: 80mm
  • Length: 482.6mm

Skład zestawu

  • Axial Wraith Rock Racer ARTR
  • Remote controller 2.4GHz
  • Manual and packaging

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