Axial Wraith Rock Racer RTR

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Axial Wraith Rock Racer RTR

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 Axial Wraith Rock Racer is a phenomenon among trail models! It is one of a kind crawler, which can also race! 

Are you fed up with slow driving with your Crawler? Here is an antidote: Wraith Rock Racer can both slowly and precisely climb the rocks and rush like an alpine chamois! 

Axial Wrath is the model in the scale of 1:10 driven by the electric 540 class engine. Thanks to the 4WD it can drive on every surface.
The underbody is equipped with the 4-wristed system which optimizes the usage of rotation moment and prevents fishtailing of the suspension at big grades. 
Features of the car:

  • 2.2 Raceline Renegade rims
  • 2.2 Ripsaw tires
  • Ideal model, 1/1 copy
  • Safety cage from composite
  • 2-channeled 2.4GHz remote controller
  • 540/550 20T engine
  • Suspension: 4-Link
  • Optimized geometry
  • Waterproof chest of the receiver
  • Gliding clutch
  • Easy access to differential gears
  • Servo: AS-2 with metal sprockets
  • ESC: AE-2, 2 directions, with brake
  • LED lights: 4 white, 2 red
  • Frame made from full composite tubes
  • Realistic Corbeau LG1 Licensed seats
  • Cover of the gearing
  • Easy accessible on/off button

The car has high-quality oil shock absorbers. 

The axis in this car has many solutions, which do not occur in other models at the same price class.

The differential gear was made with precision, thanks to using fritted metal with higher metallurgical qualities. The construction is simple, failure-free, and balanced. 
The drive shafts were hardened to increase their lifespan. 

SCX10 oil shock absorbers have springs, which will help to provide maximum efficiency during off-road. They also allow you to adjust, e.g. softness or stroke of shock absorbers to individual needs. 

What is more, the slide board underdrive system protects it while driving above sharp rocks, and allows „sliding in” of the car and prevents its freezing. 

The gearbox was designed in a way to place the engine as low as possible, to shift the center of gravity close to the surface. Gear ratio can be regulated from 15:1 to 74:1, thanks to different sprocket wheels, without decreasing the efficiency. 

Our Rock Racer has professional 2.2 Raceline Renegade wheels. There are made from high-quality nylon, which increases their resistance. They also have solid fixing of the 12mm screws and chromium framing that catches the eye. 
Ripsaw 2.2 tires with the aggressive pattern of the runner are formed from high-quality mixture with good traction. The protective layer of the gear ratio keeps dust, dirt, and other pollutions away from sprockets. This makes the drive system work quietly, smoothly and failure-free.
Waterproof chest of the engine guarantees safe working of the electronics even in the roughest conditions. Gliding clutch enables effective working of the engine and resistance of drive system, protecting the engine from blocking. 

Dane techniczne

  • Akumulator: nie dotyczy
  • Długość : 353 mm
  • Szerokość : 280 mm
  • Wysokość: 237 mm
  • Wiek: 14+
  • Wersja: ARTR
  • Skala: 1:10
  • Silnik: elektryczny szczotkowy
  • Radio: 2.4GHz
  • Podwozie: Trial, Crawler
  • Napęd: 4WD
  • Materiał wykonania: Tworzywo sztuczne
  • Axis spread: 353mm
  • Width: 280mm
  • Height: 237mm
  • Weight: 2.48kg
  • Clearance: 80mm
  • Length: 482mm

Skład zestawu

  • Axial Wraith Rock Racet RTR
  • 2.4GHz Remote controller
  • Torque regulator
  • 20T 540/550 engine
  • Servomechanism of turning

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