Cessna 182 Sky Lane KIT (1410mm wingspan, 500 class)

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Cessna 182 Sky Lane KIT (1410mm wingspan, 500 class)

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RC KIT of Cessna 182 Skylane 500 front aerofoil, whose main advantages is its size- 1410mm wingspan! 
Thanks to its size, Cessna 182 will make a great impression and will allow adding another detail of the hull and wings. The elements included will save your time needed for building this model. 

High stability of the flanks guarantees easiness to do stunts, and ailerons shorten the distance needed for the take-off and landing to the minimum. It is an ideal as a first model in the big scale. 

Getting the plane ready needs buying the following accessories and materials:

  • Transmitter: min 6-channeled
  • Receiver: 8-channelled
  • Servomechanisms
  • Brushless engine: at least 900kV
  • Propeller: 12×8
  • Battery: LiPo 11.1V 2200 mAh 25C
  • Spins regulator: 30A
  • Fuel
  • Package for the receiver
  • Servos adapter, hinges, bowdens, rubber rings, foil, calpac, wheels
  • Tools, glue: cyanoacrylic glue, an accelerator for glues, epoxy amber 6 min and 30 min, sealant for balsa, white

Dane techniczne

  • Długość : 1030 mm
  • Rozpiętość: 1410 mm
  • Wiek: 14+
  • Wingspan: 1410mm
  • Flanks’ area: 27.35dm2
  • Weight: 1080g
  • Length: 1030mm
  • Flanks’ load: 34g/dm2
  • The engine recommended: 2-traced, 61-91 cu (10-15cm3) or 4-traced 91-1.20cu (15-20cm3)

Skład zestawu

  • Cessna 182 in the KIT version
  • Plastic cover of the engine
  • Transparent Lexan elements of the cabin
  • Plastic fairing of the flanks
  • Stickers
  • The set of pushers
  • Rolled full-sized plans
  • Manual
  • Regulated bearings for the engine
  • Various accessories needed for the model

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