DragonFlite 95 4CH PNP 2.4GHz

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DragonFlite 95 4CH PNP 2.4GHz

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 The DragonFlite 95 PNP is another extraordinary offer from the Joysway brand. Created by leading designers, it impresses us both with its looks and size- the height of the mast is 106mm! Thorough tests of agility and functionality make the DragonFlite 95 a perfectly balanced and unusually precise in steering boat. 

The model was made from the components of highest quality and the materials which are not used in other boats of that prices. The mast was made from carbon fiber, and sails created from polyester resin. They secure high speed and agility. And when the sailing season comes to an end, DragonFlite 95 will look great on the shelf, thanks to the display stand.

The sailing boat presented is PNP model, which requires buying a remote controller with a receiver.
Dane techniczne

  • Akumulator DU: AA
  • Wysokość: 1475 mm
  • Akumulator: baterie AA
  • Długość : 950 mm
  • Kanały: nie dotyczy
  • Szerokość : 125 mm
  • Wersja: PNP
  • Wiek: 14+
  • Length: 930mm
  • Width: 127mm
  • Height of the mast: 1040mm
  • Total height: 1473mm
  • Total weight of the model: 2000g
  • The surface area of the sail (main): 2322cm2
  • The surface area of the sail (lapper): 1393cm2
  • Total surface area of sails: 3716cm2
  • Material of the hull: painted ABS material
  • The hull with graphics and mounted elements
  • Efficient servos
  • The basket of the receiver battery with the switch
  • Display stand

Skład zestawu

  • DragonFlite 95
  • Sails
  • Display stand

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