DT5 N1 2.4GHz Nitro KIT

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DT5 N1 2.4GHz Nitro KIT

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DT5 N1 Nitro KIT (without an engine) is a complete novelty among the combustion models. The model is characterized by four-wheel drive. It is an extremely stable and maneuverable car, and thanks to the large track width it perfectly holds the surface and is able to deal with curves and difficulties. Additional advantages of the presented Short Course are a damped suspension, durable rocker arms are as well as oil shock absorbers. DT5 N1 is a recreational and racing car for people who love rough riding and like to spend time actively.

The car, of course, has been equipped with a 2.4GHz remote controller, which means that there is a very large range without any signal interference.

To get going, do not forget to buy the accessories necessary to run, i.e. nitro engine, nitro fuel, refueling bottle, candle plug, wrench for candles and wheels, batteries and rechargeable batteries. In addition, it is worthwhile to obtain the engine maintenance preparations, an additional candle, and a fuel filter.

We provide full availability of spare parts, additional accessories, such as diodes, batteries, chargers, a Polish instruction manual and the largest selection of bodywork.

Dane techniczne

  • Długość : 530 mm
  • Napęd: 4WD
  • Podwozie: Short course
  • Radio: 2.4GHz
  • Silnik: spalinowy żarowy (nitro)
  • Skala: 1:8
  • Szerokość : 290 mm
  • Wersja: KIT
  • Wiek: 14+
  • Wysokość: 180 mm
  • Scale: 1:8a
  • Length: 530mm
  • Width: 290mm
  • Height: 180mm
  • Axis spread: 325mm
  • Tires: 95 x 40mm
  • Fuel tank: 80cc
  • Clearance: 9.1:1
  • Remote controller: pistol-type 2.4GHz

Skład zestawu

  • Complete model RC, dakar type, DT5 with 1-shift gearbox (without engine)
  • Pistol-type remote controller 2.4GHz
  • Polish manual

Wymagane do uruchomienia (nie zawarte w zestawie)

  • Nitro fuel 20% recommended for Tornado Car 20 of 16
  • Bottle for refueling
  • Clip for incandescence of spark plug with charger
  • Wrench for spark plugs and wheels
  • Fuel filter
  • Oil for air filter
  • Oil for engine conservation
  • 8x AA batteries for the transmitter
  • 4x AA batteries for the receiver or an appropriate package
  • Spare spark plug
  • Contactless thermometer

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