Foldable scooter ALS-Y3 – white

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Foldable scooter ALS-Y3 – white

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we are introducing new generation scooters to the market, which prove that these are not toys for children, but fully-fledged means of transport that can be used by adults, as well as deriving satisfaction from using such a means of transport. our foldable scooters als have a number of amenities that increase safety and comfort while driving. the load capacity of the vehicle is 100kg .


als-y3 scooter is made entirely of aluminum. the handles of the steering wheel and the platform are lined with a special non-slip rubber. in addition, the vehicle is equipped with durable rubber wheels . such a solution significantly increases the comfort and safety while driving. in addition, the y3 is equipped with 3-step speed control . an added convenience is the real bearings in each wheel.


scooter handlebar can be raised or lowered as desired, making it suitable for people of all sizes. braking is done traditionally by pressing the rear fender against the wheel
in the case of scooters that are not foldable, transporting them can be problematic because they take up a lot of space and are quite bulky. Luckily, the als-y3 scooter is foldable . just release the locking latch and with one move we fold the vehicle so that it can even fit in a travel bag.

The als-y3 scooter is a great gift for everyone: children, teenagers and adults who love to spend time outdoors. it is also a very practical product for people living in big cities. no more standing in a traffic jam or riding public transport. it is enough to jump on our scooter and we can get anywhere wherever our heart desires.

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