Foldable scooter – pink

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Foldable scooter – pink

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we are pleased to present three-wheeled scooter . unlike two-wheeled vehicles – three wheels have a positive effect on stability while driving and it should be the No. 1 choice for people and children who are just learning to drive. an additional convenience is the possibility of folding the scooter, making it very easy to move it from place to place

the handlebar is aluminum , with the handles at the end upholstered with a skin-friendly sponge. it can be easily pulled out higher or lower – depending on the height and preferences of the driver.

wheels are made of strong plastic. this means high durability and greater safety – while a scooter with such wheels does not develop dizzying speeds. safety is also positively influenced by ball bearings in the wheels. the perfect choice for the youngest. braking is “traditional”, so just press the fender, which will slowly slow down the rear wheel.

the scooter is equipped with a flashing light on the steering wheel. this will allow people on the way to see you in good time.

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