Himoto EXB-16 2.4 GHz (HSP Troian) (damaged electronics shows signs of use)

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Himoto EXB-16 2.4 GHz (HSP Troian) (damaged electronics shows signs of use)

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EXB-16 is the best buggy in 1:16 on the Polish model market! The model was created by a well-known and valued Himoto Racing brand! The presented EXB-16 is an equivalent of Troian by HSP but is equipped with a better transmitter with the EPA system. Thanks to the End Point Adjustment we can individually adjust functioning of each of the servos. One of the applications of that system is a possibility of limiting the maximum velocity of our model to a chosen value, which comes in handy for beginners and kids. It allows to avoid excessive speed and possible damage.

The car was designed with beginners and intermediate drivers in mind, who are fans of exciting rides on off-road tracks. On the other hand, Troian is also willingly chosen by contestants, who, because of its relatively small size, would like to practice in the hall at home.

The presented RC car is equipped with solutions applied in professional models of top-shelf quality, e.g. oil shock absorbers, which allow adjusting their height and the hardness of the suspension or a powerful 380 engine, which reaches high speed. The universal construction of EXB-16 allows to drive on almost every surface – at home, on tarmac or off-road, whereas a wide wheels span and properly adjusted tires guarantee a great grip and stability in all conditions. Bumpers made of a flexible and durable plastic, protect the car from damage – there’s no fun without a solid bumper.

Himoto EXB-16 is a model of the RTR type – after taking it out of the box, you’ll only need 4 AA batteries (in regular size) for the transmitter, which can be easily purchased on our website.

We guarantee a full availability of spare parts, additional accessories such as batteries, chargers and a user manual.

Dane techniczne

  • Akumulator: NiMH
  • Długość : 265 mm
  • Szerokość : 140 mm
  • Wysokość: 80 mm
  • Wiek: 14+
  • Wersja: RTR
  • Skala: 1:16
  • Silnik: elektryczny szczotkowy
  • Radio: 2.4GHz
  • Podwozie: Buggy
  • Napęd: 4WD
  • Materiał wykonania: Tworzywo sztuczne
  • Length: 265mm
  • Width: 140m
  • Height: 80mm
  • Wheels span: 174mm
  • Engine: 380 brushed
  • Servo: 3kg
  • Battery: 7.2V Ni-MH
  • Oil-spring shock absorbers
  • Retreaded tires
  • Drive: 4×4
  • Battery: 7.2V 1100mAh Ni-MH
  • Two-channel gun radio, 2.4GHz with the EPA system, powered with 4 AA batteries
  • ESC: brushed Vega Power BEC 5V/1A
  • AC/DC charger 250mAh

Skład zestawu

  • Himoto EXB-16 2.4GHz
  • Pistol radio 2.4GHz with the EPA system
  • Ni-Mh 7.2V 1100mAh battery
  • 250mA or 500mA AC/DC charger
  • User manual

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