Himoto Syclone Pro 2.4GHz Nitro (HSP Condor PRO) – 10314

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Himoto Syclone Pro 2.4GHz Nitro (HSP Condor PRO) – 10314

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Himoto Syclone Pro 2.4GHz Niro is a two gear off-roadn the scale of 1:10. The car is equipped with strong nitro engine of SH brand, which is high quality.

This model has full bearings. Thanks to these solutions, the lifespan of the car is increased and rolling resistance, which improves the comfort of using the car. It also has the 2.4GHz radio with EPA system. Thanks to End Point Adjustment, we can regulate each servomechanism individually. You can, e.g. reduce the maximum speed of our model, which is very useful for the beginners. We avoid driving too fast and potentially damaging the car. 

Himoto Syclone 2.4GHz Nitro is a very dynamic and fast car thanks to its construction and strong, powerful engine nitro VX-18. It is very stable and turning. Tires and suspension hold the model up at turnings and chicanes. 

Himoto 2.4GHz is the RTR model, which is ready to run straight after being taken out of the box. It also has an amortized suspension and solid construction. You only need 4AA batteries for the transmitter, which you can also buy in our shop. 

We guarantee full availability of spare parts and additional accessories, i.e. diodes, batteries, chargers, Polish manual, and a wide range of bodies.

Dane techniczne

  • Długość : 400 mm
  • Napęd: 4WD
  • Podwozie: Buggy
  • Radio: 2.4GHz
  • Silnik: spalinowy żarowy (nitro)
  • Skala: 1:10
  • Szerokość : 250 mm
  • Wersja: RTR
  • Wiek: 14+
  • Wysokość: 160 mm
  • Scale: 1:10
  • Length: 400mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Height: 160m
  • Axis spread: 275mm
  • Track gauge: 26mm
  • Weight: 2100g
  • Engine: VX18
  • Gear ratio: 8.038:1
  • Drive: 4×4
  • Servomechanism of turning: 6kg
  • Servomechanism of gas: 3kg
  • 2-degree gearbox
  • 2.4GHz radio with EPA system, 4x AA
  • Steering servo: 6kg
  • Throttle servo: 6kg

Skład zestawu

  • Himoto Syclone 2,4 GHz Nitro
  • 2.4GHz radio with EPA system
  • Polish manual

Wymagane do uruchomienia (nie zawarte w zestawie)

  • Nitro 16% or 20% fuel recommended for Tornado Car 16 or 20
  • Refueling bottle
  • Clip for incandescence of spark plug with charger
  • Wrench for spark plugs and wheels
  • Fuel filter
  • Oil for air filter
  • Oil for engine conservation
  • 8x AA batteries for the transmitter
  • 4x AA batteries for the receiver or an appropriate package
  • Spare spark plug
  • Contactless thermometer

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