M1 Abrams ASG RTR 1:24 Shoots with BB bullets – Green

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M1 Abrams ASG RTR 1:24 Shoots with BB bullets – Green

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The latest model of RC tank, M1 Abrams will bring you a lot of joy and positive emotions during maneuvers.
The tank is equipped with an ASG 6mm barrel placed on a revolving turret (plastic ammunition included) with the shooting range of 25 meters. Thanks to durable tank tracks and amortization of each of the leading wheels, the model performs very well even in a difficult environment and can go up a slope of even 35 degrees.

The rotating turret can shoot 40 bullets to 25-meter distance. The red warning light turns on before firing a bullet. 

The model is ready to run just after unboxing. All you need to do is to charge the battery and purchase 3x AA batteries to the remote controller, what you can also do in our store.
Dane techniczne

  • Wersja: RTR
  • Materiał wykonania: ABS
  • Akumulator: NiCD
  • Dźwięki: Tak
  • Długość : 400 mm
  • Skala: 1:24
  • Szerokość : 150 mm
  • Wiek: 14+
  • Wysokość: 150 mm


  • Scale: 1:16
  • Flashing headlights
  • Turret rotating range: 320 degrees
  • Vertically moving barrel
  • Operating time: 60 minutes with a fully charged accumulator
  • The tank tracks allow climbing up on obstacles sloped at 35 degrees
  • External dimensions: 40 x 15 x 15cm
  • Range: 25 meters
  • 2 Different frequencies to enable a group battle

Skład zestawu

  • RC Tank
  • A pack of ammunition
  • Remote controller
  • Charger
  • Battery: 9.6V 500mAh
  • 3x Antenna
  • Manual

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