Sbach 342 KIT (wingspan 140cm)

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Sbach 342 KIT (wingspan 140cm)

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Sbach 342 is undoubtedly one of the best aerobatic aircraft on the market. Strengthening the carbon fiber wings is an excellent combination of strength and flexibility. The plane used only 17g servos with metal gears, the rudder has additional hinge mounts, while the rudders have been reinforced with plastic for durability and perfect coordination during quick maneuvers. The quality of the aircraft is undoubtedly one of the highest.

The aircraft is also characterized by its incredible maneuverability, thanks to which the steering is maintained at the highest level both at low and high speeds and it does not fear the most demanding acrobatics. Complementing the perfect flights is also the extraordinary ease of landing. And if something went wrong, large rubber tires and durable metal chassis effectively absorb less successful taxiing.

The manufacturer took care of every detail while designing the model, including a separate recess for the receiver and the antenna underneath the aircraft. Easy access is possible after opening the magnet flap. A separate niche for the battery also closed with a flap with a strong magnet, provides a large space for many types of batteries.

Some people wonder if the plane can be controlled by people with no experience in acrobatics – of course, it could be! What’s more, the plane performs well in windy weather. Many positive reviews around the world prove the outstanding quality of the model.

The presented aircraft is a KIT type model – to run it requires a full drive, servo, apparatus (4-6CH), receiver (4-6CH), battery and charger.

  • Great attention to details, including a hand-painted pilot figurine, pre-painted painting, and a three-bladed sports propeller
  • Designed for the highest durability, equipped with a metal chassis, 17g servos with metal gears and carbon fiber reinforcements
  • Strengthened wings, rudder and additionally mounted rudder hinges
  • Made of durable EPO foam
  • Separate recesses for the receiver and servos with magnetic flaps
  • The wide battery bay allows different capacities of 4S batteries to be adjusted
  • Extremely agile during acrobatics
  • Recommended speed controller 70A, 760KV engine and 14.8V 2500mAh LiPo battery
  • The engine, regulator, and servos are not included in the kit
  • The large scale and expressive colors make it easier to see the model even at a greater distance

Dane techniczne

  • Długość : 1400 mm
  • Rozpiętość: 1400 mm
  • Wiek: 14+
  • Wingspan: 1400mm
  • Length: 1400mm
  • Weight: 2300g
  • Rigid chassis
  • Material: EPO foam
  • Recommended battery: 14.8V 3200mAh 20C
  • Recommended transmitter and receiver: 4CH / 6CH
  • Recommended drive: Brushless engine 4250 850KV or 760KV
  • Recommended rotation controller: 70A brushless, BEC
  • Recommended propeller: 13×5, 3 shovels
  • Recommended servos: 17gx4 with metal gears

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