Scooter Sheng Pu – green

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Scooter Sheng Pu – green

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we present a classic scooter entirely made of aluminum alloy – apart from the wheels, of course. This is a great gift for the youngest scooter fans who love to spend time outdoors and on the move.

the product was made of the highest quality materials. apart from the aluminum frame, the set includes polyurethane wheels. they provide perfect grip and durability. The diameter of the wheels is up to 200mm. the steering wheel grips are covered with non-slip material.
As you know, riding a scooter requires special care. to increase safety, the platform has been lined with non-slip material. in addition to providing entertainment, we try to ensure that each product provides the maximum level of safety for the child.

braking is “traditional”, so you just need to press down the fender, which will slowly slow down the rear wheel.

a scooter is a great gift for every child. in addition to entertainment, it also develops physical fitness and allows you to explore the immediate vicinity. Great fun and a smile guaranteed.

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