Syma X15 (2.4GHz, gyroscope, auto-start, auto-return, hovering, range up to 50m) – Black

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Syma X15 (2.4GHz, gyroscope, auto-start, auto-return, hovering, range up to 50m) – Black

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The Syma is widely known, reputable brand on the modeling market and is widely acclaimed even by professional followers. Quadcopter X15  is a perfect choice for anyone who is searching for a universal model which can be used in any place and in any weather conditions. The light design and small size make the Syma easy to carry in a pocket and take it almost everywhere! 

The design and high-quality materials from which the model is made ensures high resistance to falls and crashes. Rotary wings are highly durable thanks to flexible material from which they are made and the risk of its breaking is negligible. Thanks to its wind resistance it is ideal for the indoors as well as outdoors flights. 

Syma X15 is equipped with the 6-axial stabilization system (gyroscope) which is responsible for drone’s agility and maneuverable as well as its stability while flying. The hovering function ensures remarkable stability and easiness of steering. Thanks to it, both, beginner and intermediate pilot will enjoy flying with this model.
Intense LED lights are not used only for its look but also for its functionality. Thanks to it, even in darkness the navigation is easy to handle.


The steering is carried out by the use of professional and hi-tech 4-channel remote controller  2.4GHz which uses Spread Spectrum Technology (SST). This technology heavily extends the range and remote control reaction is 100 times faster compared to traditional remote controllers working on the frequency of 27/40MHz.

Syma X15 apart from straight flights in every direction is able to perform air stunts such as flips, spirals and so-called “barrel spin”. All you need to do is to press one of the assigned function buttons on the remote controller and chose a direction in which the trick shall be carried out. Thanks to wireless technology and a wide range of the remote controller using the frequency of 2.4GHz model’s reaction to signal are immediate. Anti-disruption security allows the user to control many models at the same time.

The presented Syma X15 is an RTF type, RC model which means that it is ready to fly just after unboxing. All you need to do is to insert 4 AA batteries, to the remote controller, which you can also buy in our shop.

Dane techniczne

  • Akumulator: LiPo
  • Długość : 220 mm
  • Szerokość : 220 mm
  • Wysokość: 50 mm
  • Średnica: 210 mm
  • Wiek: 8+
  • Zasięg: do 50m
  • Sterowanie: nadajnik
  • Radio: 2.4GHz
  • Obraz na żywo: brak
  • Kamera: brak
  • Auto-start
  • Hovering function
  • Headless mode for easier steering
  • 2.4GHz Frequency
  • 6-Axis stabilization system
  • Charging time: about 130 min
  • Flight time: about 7 min
  • Range: up to 50m
  • Flight directions: up, down, forward, backward, to the left and to the right, an inclination to the left and to the right, 360 degrees spin
  • LED lights for night flights
  • Dimensions: 220mm x 220mm x 50mm

Skład zestawu

  • Syma X15
  • Remote controller 2.4Ghz
  • 3.7V 300mAh LiPo battery (in the model)
  • USB wire for charging 
  • 4x Spare propellers
  • Manual

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