The set of tanks fighting each other – Russian T-34 and German Tiger 1:28 RTR

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The set of tanks fighting each other – Russian T-34 and German Tiger 1:28 RTR

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The set of tanks fighting each other – Russian T-34 and German Tiger 1:28 RTR 2.4GHz. 

An incredible set of fighting tanks that will engage in the fun for a few hours not only children but also adults!

From now on you have the opportunity to take control of one of the two battle tanks and after a few minutes of training, feel like a real “tankman” looking for a worthy opponent on the battlefield. Both models are equipped with many functions reflecting the realism of real tanks fighting on the battlefield. The turret rotating by 330° and the raised and lowered barrel will allow you to reach your opponent everywhere. Independent track drives make it easier to adjust the speed, maneuver the tank during turns and allow to reach a steep slope of up to 30°. In addition, models emit realistic sounds while driving – gunshots and machine gun series.

The aim of the duel between two participants is to hit the opponent with an infrared beam. After every single hit from the gun or a fivefold hit from the rifle – one of the four LEDs showing the technical condition of the tank goes out. After being shot, the tank freezes for a moment, it can not be controlled at this time, nor can it be hit again. When the two LEDs go out, you lose the opportunity to fire the rifle. When the tank is hit once again the third diode goes out and the anti-tank gun stops working. After all the diodes go out – the tank loses the fight. After waiting about 30 seconds, it is ready for another duel.
Tanks are controlled via the attached remote controllers which are very easy to use. Simple rules of duel and control will not make any problem even to the youngest users. The set is an excellent solution for boring evenings or meeting with friends, surprise them, everyone will want to win! Attention, the set provides the extremely addictive fun! 

Dane techniczne

  • Akumulator: NiCD
  • Dźwięki: Tak
  • Długość : 330 mm
  • Radio: 2.4GHz
  • Skala: 1:28
  • Szerokość : 120 mm
  • Wiek: 6+
  • Wysokość: 125 mm
  • Realistic replicas of  Russian T-34 and German Tiger
  • Flashing light signals – sound signals emitting the real battlefield
  • Rubber tracks, each track is driven by the separate engine
  • Rotatable turret
  • Multifunctional remote controllers for steering tanks
  • Realistic sounds of tank gunshots
  • Visible jerk when starting the engine
  • Able to drive to a slope of up to 30°
  • Crossing terrain obstacles
  • Infrared system
  • Indicator of hit times
  • Tanks move in every direction
  • Dimensions:
    • Tank 1: 33 x 12 x 12.5cm
    • Tank 2: 33 x 12 x 12.5cm
  • Charge time: 3h

Skład zestawu

  • The set of two tanks in different colours fighting each other
  • 27Mhz Remote controller (2x AA batteries, not included in the set)
  • 40Mhz Remote controller (2x AA batteries, not included in the set)
  • 2x Charger 4.8V
  • 2x 400mAh Batteries
  • Manual in Polish

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